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                    CiMAR Featured Pet

Our current featured pet is Amelia.

Hello, my name is Amelia, I am a 3 yr old Daschound
who was rescued from a field with my other siblings, where
my owner abandoned me. My Foster Mom says that I love sunning myself and sniffing the air. I come in when I'm called even when I want to stay out. I get my manicure and pedicure with little fuss. I get along with others no matter the size and I like going for a walk. I sit at the back door to say I need to go potty outside. I cuddle up on my foster mom for TV time and fall asleep. I am learning basic commands like sit but I am not so interested in doing that. I don't dig up the yard. I don't try to get out of the yard. I do chase the visiting bunnies. I am fast despite my injury. I play with others big and small but I like running in the house with little ones better. I can run in circles on carpet and keep my back legs under me. I am very smart and very determined in all I do..

​Please check out my Profile on the Adoptable Dogs page where you'll see all my photos and videos.  Use our Contact Us Page to ask to meet me! My foster mom schedules all my meetings so she will figure out a good time for us to get together. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. 

Welcome to "Cuz i Matter" Animal Rescue

Current Adoptions since May 2016:

Thank you for stopping by. i am very happy you are here because that may mean you are here to help me and my friends find our furever home!

i don't know if you know this, but all of my friends here are wonderful souls.
We may have had hard times,
but we want to be everything you want us to be.

i talked with all my friends here and we agree; 
when you feel lonely, sad, happy, confused, scared or peaceful,
we will be there for you.
You will never be alone and you will always be loved.
We promise!

i get very excited when your face lights up
as you look at our pictures and read about who we are. 
(Pssst... you can see all of us dogs and cats right now!)

i know you may not be able to adopt us all, and that's ok.
i just hope you meet one of us that makes your heart skip a beat.

Be sure to also look at all the ways you can become a member
of our CiMAR family!  Even if you cannot take one of us home,
you can help us get adopted by fostering, sponsoring
or making a donation to keep us all fed and healthy.  

We really appreciate that.  My tail is wagging right now!

There are lots of ways to participate and help save animals
along with us. First,  check out How you Can Get Involved .
Or  Come Play With Us at one of our festive fundraisers and 
meet some sweet dogs at our many adoption events.

Don't forget Ellie Mae's "Paw Talk" . She is super proud of that!

Last, but not least, visit our   Happy Tails Page  to view
CiMAR Family Members who have found their Fur-Ever Homes.

Thank you again...all of us "i's" LOVE you!

Our Mission​​​

Our mission is to insure that all animals - abandoned, injured or distressed have the right to live. We support this mission through warm, loving arms to reach for them - tender, compassionate hearts to embrace them in their time of need - and passionate, effective programs to protect them in order to ensure a joyous and love-filled life with those that offer them a home to call their own.