What is fostering and how does it help?

Training and support is provided to anyone wishing to become a foster. We want you to be happy and taken care of so the dog you take in can be happy and taken care of. CiMAR's intention for every family who joins our fostering circle is to provide you with as many resources as we can to make the animal's stay a wonderful expeirence for everyone.

Dogs have some basic needs that all fosters are required to:
  • have a crate or room dedicated for initial acclimation (crates may be supplied)
  • provide food, water, treats and toys to foster animals (some food may be supplied)
  • keep up with vaccines, heart worm preventives and flea preventives (provided by CiMAR)
  • observe and report any behaviors, potential issues or medical concerns to the adoption coordinators
  • attend adoption events to promote their foster dog
  • provide lots and lots of LOVE!

If you would like to learn more, please send us a message with your questions. 

Fostering is a partnership between you and us.  It is a temporary living situation for pets in our program while they are awaiting placement in a permanent home or to move into one of our overnight adoption programs.  Foster families provide shelter, food, care and love. The number of animals we can save depends entirely on the number of people who open their homes and hearts to foster them.
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